Bone Cement

PALACOS® Bone Cement

Bone cement is a synthetic, resin-based plastic that is chemically similar to plexiglass. It is used to bond and attach implants onto bone and for filling gaps with the aim of better absorption and transfer of motion force.

Palacos® is a high-viscosity, radiopaque, easy to use bone cement. Palacos® ranks among the safest bone cements based on 40 years of experience and a clinically proven lowest risk of revision. Palacos® is made from the highest quality materials and constant treatment qualities, and is primarily intended for anchoring hip and knee prostheses.

Palacos® is also available as a medium- and low- viscosity cement to be used for anchoring other types of prostheses that demand a different viscosity and different setting times.

  • Regular – no active ingredients – PALACOS® R
  • Enriched with the gentamicin antibiotic – PALACOS® R + G
    Both types come in various packaging options.
  • COPAL® revision bone cement with two antibiotics: G + V (gentamycin and vancomycin) and G + C (gentamycin and clindamycin)
  • OSTEOPAL bone cement for vertebroplasty